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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Burning the candle

Throughout my life, I’ve often heard the saying “Don’t burn the candle at both ends."  It's useful to have reminders to make tough choices about how to spend your limited time and energy.

Even though joining this mission did feel rushed and similar to the "burning both ends" phenomena, I don’t think this transition deserves the negative connotation of that saying.  I am now much closer to the goal of living simply and passionately.  Instead of worrying about burning the candle at both ends, I’ll make "burning the candle in the right places” my mantra.  I've made it to the right place and feel so thankful for this opportunity.

On a lighter note ;) here at the dome, we are burning tons of calories by committing ourselves to a daily fitness program!  This is our first week of the workout regimen.  My Jawbone UP data shows evidence of how sore my muscles are feeling, since outside of workouts, I've had about 60% less activity today.. I walked around much less because my hip flexors are killing me!  
But no pain, no gain!  Tomorrow is yoga, definitely looking forward to a good stretch!  Here’s some photos of fitness-related engineering from the past week:

Zak duct-taping some steps and a bucket together for our tabata workout, okay, so this is not exactly engineering..

But Martha and Sophie repairing our treadmill motor definitely is!

Our kitchen-made incense holder is important too, keeps the dome from smelling like a gym!  There's a glimpse of our Martian kitchen in the background.

Next post, I'll give you a tour of the place.  We are slowly getting organized.  It takes time just like moving into a new house on Earth!  My sister and brother-in-law can testify as they are moving into their new home this week, congrats Kayla and Lee, can't wait to see your new place too, xoxo!


  1. I just read about this mission (with the link to this blog), and I thought to myself: "How could they possibly keep sane?" Taking the opportunity to focus on exercise is a really good idea. Looking forward to reading more about this!

  2. Good luck with the mission. If you ever get bored read 'the Martian' by Andy Weir - then again perhaps not!

  3. I don't miss those steps!! Glad you have them in Mars...get that yoga on, girl!

  4. " I am now much closer to the goal of living simply and passionately. "

    This made me smile.

    I am so excited about this project; thank you and your team mates for having the courage, ambition, dream, tenacity to help realize the goal of exploration, preservation and gentle expansion of the human spirit. We are all made better; because people like you forge the way.

    Live beautifully, and shine.
    "Make of yourself a light."

    Cheers Ms. Dunn.


  5. Good luck with your mission, looking forward to your blog posts!

  6. Heard about you on Yahoo! and excited to read about your special experience :)